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Bexar Computing cares about the safety & security of your technology.

Here’s how our process works:

1. Surveys

We perform detailed business site surveys that are essential to all sized projects.

2. Deployment

We deploy necessary service requests for retail, restaurants, and offices.

3. Support

Our skilled and trained technicians continue to be available 24/7 for your support needs.

4. Develop

We develop a support plan that fits your business needs.

Our mobile app and ticketing system means our techs are ready 24/7.

With our mobile app and ticketing system we take the guess work out of what’s next. It also allows Bexar Computing to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable for our clients


Our Services

Bexar Computing offers various levels of service to meet your needs.

POS MAID software

Now offering POS Maid software for Retail, Bar, Food and Salon Industries.

Bexar computing not only can install, setup and provide remote and on-site support for point of sales we now have software and hardware solutions.

Alexandria Computers.com

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Deployment, Installation, and Integration

Work with someone who understands your needs. Whether you have a new project in mind or need help with something in progress, we can get it done with speed and efficiency.

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Service & Maintenance

Solutions tailored to your requirements. From service to preventative maintenance to keep your business running smoothly


From VOIP to analog phone lines our telco technicians are ready to help

Extensive Documentation

Deliverables, detailed photos, site surveys, and signatures we know what our clients expect.

Onsite Field Services

We offer onsite and offsite support options to fit your needs

24 hour support services

Your not alone we’re here around-the-clock for support or issues in the field.

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