VoIP Phone Services

Voiceover IP Phone Services

Making calls over the Internet can help connect your remote team, global clients, and inbound leads in one place. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows real time phone calls over digital IP networks. Your team can make and answer digital voice data calls across your networks, just like a traditional landline with a dedicated phone number in place. 

VoIP technology also makes competing in hyper-local marketplaces easier with the appearance of local phone numbers. No matter what number a customer calls, your VoIP technology routes them to a specific location whether a central call center or a designated employee’s home office.

Network Support

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However, VoIP also opens the door for troubleshooting issues that fall to your internal team to figure out on their own. Instead of wasting time and energy on VoIP issues across multiple locations and offices, Bexar Computing can troubleshoot for:

  • VoIP registration problems
  • Voice quality concerns
  • Incoming call issues
  • One-way audio issues
  • Customized solutions to restore your VoIP service

Our VoIP services get your team up and running and back of business in no time. With the help of remote tools, we can also troubleshoot behind the scenes so your work goes relatively uninterrupted for a stress-free experience.


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